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If I were Frankie or Derrick. 

This would be my ideal order of people out. 

Donny (i love donny but I’m talking game wise here) He would put up Frankie I feel or Derrick if needed.  However if he won POV  that would lead to the main target to Frankie’s game.








The last three would be Zach,Frankie,and Derrick.  That’d be interesting. 

Hayden I’d like to see out before Donny though. 

There's no doubt in my mind that Zach would NEVER betray Frankie. Ever. He & Frankie are both loyal to each other. You should try looking up their game talk they had the other night. I think it's on that zankiegrance tumblr as a dailymotion video. Cody has a final 2 with Derrick called the hitmen and does not trust Zach because Cody is always paranoid.

Oh. No. I have seen all the videos. I’m very up to date on everything. However, I’m not saying Zach isn’t loyal to Frankie…but it’s all about the %’s behind it. Because after all this is a game and If one takes the other out I wouldn’t be mad. It is a game after all I’m just really interested in the psychological part of it all. I just really wanna see who is final 5. I hope If Zankie gets to the end Zach wins and Frank is the second to be honest.

Side note. For people wondering. 

I do not do Larry gifs or anything anymore. 

I don’t ship them like I did years ago. 

So, yeah. Larry is Donezo for me.

Now I’m curious to see if Zach tell’s Frankie anything that Derrick and Cody said to to Zach. That will kind of tell us where their loyalties are. 

Also, I’m kind of wondering if Cody even trusts him,by him I meant Cody trusting Zach or not and if Zach meant what he said about ‘cutting’ Cody out.

I’m curious to see who really is top 5.

I also think if Frankie’s game gets messed up it’s his fault at this point BECAUSE. He does that running to people too much he also is like Amber interrupting conversations which I would find annoying if I were in the house. 

Like his comment in the HOH room tonight saying ‘I’m kind of all over the place.” THAT would be a red flag for me as a fellow alliance member. I would have straight up been like ‘what’s that suppose to mean,because it sounds like you don’t know where you wanna go.”

I do enjoy Frankie but he pisses me off sometimes.

So, I have off tomorrow and I’m so bored right now so I might finish up some videos and start some and maybe have one up tomorrow before Big Brother. 

I’m DEF doing a Finding Carter one. I have two different ones planned. One using the theme song,basing it around Carter and her journey and one centered around Carter and Max.

Zankie Videos. Two. I have no idea for songs looking right now. 

Planning a Damon/Elena one for a contest.

I have a Vanessa Hudgens in the works.

Girl Meets world in mind. 

So, a lot of ideas for videos. I just need to download the videos that’s what holds me back. Anyone know a good Video downloader to use and website to get the videos from??

th ♡