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Watching the live  feeds… usual..I’m glad they told Frankie about his grandfather. I wouldn’t want him to regret if he had to choice to go to the funeral or resent his family for withholding information. 

I lost my grandfather to cancer years ago and I know how hard it is to see that happen and loss someone. I can understand his pain right now. I’m happy to see the whole house come together and be there for him.  This isn’t something someone can bounce back from in two days it’ll be obvious his pain for a while. 


But his sister makes bank!!! Not Frankie like do u think she gives money to him?? No and Frankie mentioned he was on Broadway and did shows like he was on mama Mia for 3 years and he probably made a shit ton!

Hello missy I never said he gets her money. That was my whole point of the post. If you read. It’s his sister’s money not Frankie’s. I’m not saying that she hasn’t loaned him a couple here or there but nowhere knew what the house would think if they all knew. They’d think he doesn’t deserve to be here because he has a rich sister he could ‘run’ to in a sense.  Yes, Frankie has done Broadway but also remember this Broadway isn’t a high paying job in general. Plus it isn’t steady income. Keep that in mind. He gets book for a few weeks and has to audition for other places that doesn’t guarantee him a job. 

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